Health First

We care about your health and safety! 

We are following all rules and advises from Canadian Health Authorities to eliminate the spread of COVID-19. 

  • Keep 6 feet or 2 meters social distance is required at all times.

  • ​Limited class size.

  • Students and Staffs are required to measure body temperature before attending classes.

  • All indoor areas are sanitized every hour during the opening hours.

  • Hand Sanitizers are provided for students and staffs to clean their hands.

  • Wearing masks is essential. 


Moontalk CAMP

For kids, By kids, With kids

Moontalk Experience

Our team members spent two months meticulously designing a very rich summer camp experience in our beautiful parks and beaches. Moontalk created content so children can still enjoy the summer happy, safe and thriving despite the pandemic!

Mooncamps Program

Moontalk will run Mooncamps in local and BC Parks during July and August 2021 with outdoor activities led in distance-separated groups of one, two or three between passive Base Stations and active Circuit Stations. Sheltered-in-place or on-the-go, groups remotely compete in teams to combine knowledge learning, skill training, etiquette training, self-care and teamwork skills that train children to have courage, vitality, curiosity, independent thinking, and establish their own unique style. 


We have purchased sufficient equipment, camp and expedition supplies,  air rifles, power bows and arrows, tie-dye material, fishing baskets, fishing rods, kites, all kinds of balls (basketball, soccer, volleyball), all kinds of games (Chess, Chinese Checkers, Monopoly, Pachesi) and so on. We streamlined packing and setups to be interactive with participants and to fit alternate environments and situations, between a portable base camp and mobile activity stations adaptable to terrain and opportunities. We will arrange natural knowledge learning, painting lessons, crafts, food preparation every week, and immersion learning in French, English, and Spanish, so that children can have a happy and fulfilling fun time  every day!

Mooncamps Logistics

We have a large tent that can accommodate twelve people for the children's daily rest, first aid, a store, sign-ins, radio and command center and a rally point for camping together.


In agreement with third party recreational outfitters we will provide some additional activity options, such as fishing, boating and horses.


We provide meal preparation options. The menu is rich and carefully prepared food, a combination of Chinese and Western Outdoors kitchens, with outdoor barbecues, Action Rations and Meals Ready to Eat (MRE's) every week to teach, involve, train, taste, test and provide delicious nutrition. 


Our current team can offer the support to run groups through their stations up to the maximum load posted for each park. We also have members on call if there is a demand for additional parks.

Moontalk Moves Outside

Mooncamps is an initiative of Moontalk Moves Outside. Heidi founded Moontalk Arts Academy which she has led with her background as a director and producer from The Central Academy of Drama. JMB is an educator, urban designer, athlete and mountaineer, and previously an officer in the French military. Yannie with her creativity and focus on cooking, nature and spirituality is our mother earth, caregiver and nurturer. Together they first fused their visions, passions and leadership styles with Moontalk Choir and now expand their energy to a Moontalk suite of initiatives.


We priced registration to be competitive for families and make it affordable for everyone to access the parks with our programs, with additional fees for some activity stations and selective options. 

Schedule of summer camp:

July 5 to July 30

August 2 to August 28

from Monday to Friday

8:30am-5:30pm daily


$120 per day plus miscellaneous charges.

Miscellaneous fees will include but not be limited to campsite rental, vessel rental, Racecourse fees, etc.

If you need two snacks and one Chinese meal, there will be an additional charge of $30 / day.