Moontalk Arts Festival Online 2020

Event Timeline

Submission: August 24 to September 30

Competing: October 1st to 15th

Award: October 24


Competition Category:

Fine arts and crafts: handmade or painting works (in photo format)

Talent performance: Individual performance, recitation, singing, etc. (in video format)



1. Enter

2. Log in or register as a member

3. Click on Moontalk Community

4. Click Add Media

5. Upload your work


Works requirements:

Please clearly show the participant’s name and age on the photo works.

Video works must include self-introduction; video editing software can be used to edit, but must be original; the duration cannot exceed five minutes.

The uploaded works must be clearly visible. ‍



Each category has one Gold prize, two Silver prizes, three Bronze prizes, and several Participation prizes.

Gold prize: CAD$100

Silver prize: CAD$50

Bronze Prize: Moontalk Art Academy class voucher

Participation Award: unique gifts


Event Rules:


Participants must live in the South Delta communities.


Participants can participate in one category, or participate in both categories at the same time.


The eligibility for the award is determined by the cumulative number of likes of the works and the votes of Moontalk Art Academy Instructors; one vote of the instructor equals 20 likes. The works which earns the most numbers of likes wins the prize accordingly.


During the submission period, the participant can only upload one works in each category; the works can be changed to the most satisfactory one at will, and the number of likes for the works before the change will not be added to the new works.


Participants will not be allowed to change their works after the competing period begins.



On October 16th, the instructors will vote for the works they like the most, and the final results will be announced on the official website of Moontalk Art Academy on the same day.


Participants are not allowed to upload photos or videos that have nothing to do with the theme of this event, otherwise they will be removed from the competition.